Middlesex Masters Soccer League
Current season: Indoor 2019/2020

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MMSL upcoming meetings


Next = Feb 29, 2020 Please see the list attached of upcoming MMSL membership meetings and times.
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Digital copies of Player cards or Rosters


The EMSA Board discussed the above and has agreed that a Picture of either a card or an EMSA Approved Roster is NOT to be used, the originals must be in hand for each game.
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Reminder 2019/2020 BMO PARKING & SMOKING


Please be a part of the solution and not the problem. ONLY park in designated spots going forward. NO LINES = NO SPOT
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Recent Results

Recent Cup Results

Upcoming Games

Division 1:

FC Romania vs Apollo Blues
FC Acoriano vs Jagiellonia Red
Apollo Whites vs Sporting
Albanians A vs St. Thomas A
P.C.L. A vs AEL Larissa

Division 2:

English vs White Eagles A
Bosnia A vs Apollo Royals
London - St.Thomas Croatia A vs Scottish A
GCFC. A vs Curinga Red
Curinga White vs Serbia

Division 3:

Jagiellonia Yellow vs St. Thomas B
Kurdish Canadians vs African Caribbean United
GCFC. B vs P.C.L. C
Scottish B vs Taxandria
Oakridge vs Albanians B

Division 4:

St. George vs NorWest
Caribbean Stars vs Lucan
Scottish C vs Exeter
Woodstock vs White Eagles B
London - St.Thomas Croatia B vs Curinga Blue

Division 5:

LS Croatia vs London - St.Thomas Croatia D
Albanians C vs London America FC Yellow
London America FC Red vs GCFC. C
Forest City vs London - St.Thomas Croatia C
Curinga Green vs P.C.L. B

Upcoming Cup Games

Top Scorers

Division 1:

Eris TAFAJ 30
Jason Carrelas 21
Manuel Quinones 18
Genti Buzali 16

Division 2:

Marco Dinon 21
aboyassin mohamed 18
Edin Isovic 13
Andrew Pierpoint 13
Troy Verriez 12

Division 3:

Younes Sori 41
Aliy Nassor 21
Alseeni MOHAMED 20
Marlon Ricketts 15
Ali Nabavieh 13

Division 4:

Kennardo Vincent 18
Anthony Roy Brown 15
Stephen Treadway 13
Nestor Orjuela 11
Anestis Dounavis 11

Division 5:

Artan Latifi 34
Carlos Herrera 28
Jorge Sa 16
Robert Dupuis 13