Middlesex Masters Soccer League
Current season: Indoor 2019/2020

Reminder 2019/2020 BMO PARKING & SMOKING



Please be advised that the BMO Centre has been informed the city will (and has been) patroling the fire lanes at their facility on fridays. 

-If you are not parked in a clearly marked spot, there is a chance of being ticketed .

-Please use all available parking. Especially the West lot and the South side of the building.



Please be advised that city smoking bylaws will be inforced at the BMO Centre.

Important to note:

- City Park means land and land covered by waterand all portions thereof under control, management, or joint management of the City, that is or hereafter maybe established,dedicated, set apart, o rmade available by the City for recreational purposes, including without limiting the generality of the foregoing, a park, a leash-free dog park and an enviromentally significant area, including any building, structures, facilities, erections and improvements located in or on such land.

- Prohibitions:

   - No person shall smoke tobacco or hold lighted tobacco with nine (9) meters or thirty  (30) feet of any part of the following public places:

          : A Recreation Amenity in a City Park;

- The application of this section is not affected by the absence or presence of signage (NO SIGN REGUIRED)


Please make all members to you team and club aware.


Middlesex Masters Board



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Recent Cup Results

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Division 1:

FC Romania vs Apollo Blues
FC Acoriano vs Jagiellonia Red
Apollo Whites vs Sporting
Albanians A vs St. Thomas A
P.C.L. A vs AEL Larissa

Division 2:

English vs White Eagles A
Bosnia A vs Apollo Royals
London - St.Thomas Croatia A vs Scottish A
GCFC. A vs Curinga Red
Curinga White vs Serbia

Division 3:

Jagiellonia Yellow vs St. Thomas B
Kurdish Canadians vs African Caribbean United
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Scottish B vs Taxandria
Oakridge vs Albanians B

Division 4:

St. George vs NorWest
Caribbean Stars vs Lucan
Scottish C vs Exeter
Woodstock vs White Eagles B
London - St.Thomas Croatia B vs Curinga Blue

Division 5:

LS Croatia vs London - St.Thomas Croatia D
Albanians C vs London America FC Yellow
London America FC Red vs GCFC. C
Forest City vs London - St.Thomas Croatia C
Curinga Green vs P.C.L. B

Upcoming Cup Games

Top Scorers

Division 1:

Eris TAFAJ 30
Jason Carrelas 21
Manuel Quinones 18
Genti Buzali 16

Division 2:

Marco Dinon 21
aboyassin mohamed 18
Edin Isovic 13
Andrew Pierpoint 13
Troy Verriez 12

Division 3:

Younes Sori 41
Aliy Nassor 21
Alseeni MOHAMED 20
Marlon Ricketts 15
Ali Nabavieh 13

Division 4:

Kennardo Vincent 18
Anthony Roy Brown 15
Stephen Treadway 13
Nestor Orjuela 11
Anestis Dounavis 11

Division 5:

Artan Latifi 34
Carlos Herrera 28
Jorge Sa 16
Robert Dupuis 13