Middlesex Masters Soccer League
Current season: Indoor 2021/2022

NEW Provincial requirements for indoor

After September 22.
In the first step, beginning on September 22, fully vaccinated people who received their second shot at least 14 days prior, will need to navigate to the provincial website to retrieve their vaccination receipts.
Users are instructed to print or save their receipts as a PDF to a mobile device which can be used as proof of vaccination.
This process will be in place until October 22 when the province’s QR code and verification app will come into effect.
Individuals will be required to present this information and a piece of government ID to our front desk people at the BMO.

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Upcoming Cup Games

Top Scorers

Division 2:

Gaetan Pizieux 5
Younes Sori 5
Hamse mohamed 4
Taher Darvijeh 4
Traian Ionas 4

Division 3:

jury gualadris 10
Perparim ALIU 8
Artan Latifi 8
Jay Ebert 6
Brad Wittig 5

Division 4:

Anestis Dounavis 5
Attila Salamon 5
Mike Zenhenko 4
Carlos Herrera 4
Scott Haayema 4

Division 5:

Imad Shaheen 12
Andrew Floriancic 9
Ahmad Al Hammuri 7
Eric Chambers 7
adam stapleton 6

Division 1:

Mike Moore 3
Manuel Almendarez 3
Edin Isovic 3
Kofi Boateng 3