Middlesex Masters Soccer League
Current season: Outdoor 2017

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Men's Summer Indoor Over 45 League - Registration still open


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Recent Results

Division 1:

Albanians vs Apollo White 3-0

Recent Cup Results

Division 3-4-5:

English FC vs Woodstock 6-0

Upcoming Games

Division 1:

Jagiellonia vs Tillsonburg Titans
Forest City A vs St. Thomas A

Division 2:

German Canadians A vs Curinga A
Bosnia vs FC Acoriano
London Scottish A vs Marconi A
Three Lions vs Ingersoll

Division 5:

Caribbean Stars vs White Eagles B

Division 3:

Woodstock vs Taxandria
Exeter FC vs AE Larissa A
P.C.L. B vs Croatia A
NorWest vs Lucan

Division 4:

St. Thomas C vs Embro
German Canadians C vs Curinga B
White Eagles A vs AE Larissa B

Upcoming Cup Games

Top Scorers

Division 1:

Eris Tafaj 20
Andrew Loague 18
Jason Maillet 15
Ree San 12
Jason WRIGHT 11

Division 2:

Luis Peixoto 22
Edin Isovic 17
Matt Maillet 11
wayne scott 11
Michael Del Bel Belluz 10

Division 3:

Keith Andrew 23
Kurt Hill 13
Jason Burgess 11
pedro papel 10
Paul Acchione 9

Division 4:

Jamie Shannon 15
Keith Andrew 15
Miroslav Karlicic 15
Yesser Hernandez 15

Division 5:

Kamran Salimi 14
Carlos Paez 13
Taher Darvijeh 8
cesar ferreira 8
Anthony Roy Brown 8